The history of the Anttila family’s knife and ski making traditions

Harri’s grandfather Unto Anttila, who worked as a carpenter in Haapavesi, got Harri interested in knife making at the age of four. Unto’s family is originally from the village of Vatjusjärvi, in Haapavesi.

Unto learnt knife making from his uncle Eete Ahola. Eete was born either in 1860 or 1870, and died at the end of the 1930’s. Eete acquired his skills of forging scythes from the travelling village blacksmith Konsalainen, who was known for forging scythes and making guns.

The family of Harri’s grandmother, Lempi Anttila, once came to Vatjusjärvi from Toholampi.

The Anttila family has been making skis for a long time. The ski making in Haapavesi is widely known and prime quality work.

The video below has been uploaded to Youtube by Haapavesi-Seura. It talks about the making of the traditional Haapavesi skis and the skiing heritage in Haapavesi.

The making of a traditional Haapavesi ski. This video has been uploaded to Youtube by Oppia Perinteistä (learn from traditions) and it shows the making of a pair of traditional skis. Production: JEDU / Piippolan ammatti- ja kulttuuriopisto.