Photos and videos from events

Here you can see photos and videos from events where the knife-smith has taken part in forging demonstrations. There are also photos taken by Juha Tervonen of Harri forging at his home.

Wanha Woima Weteraanikonepäivät in Oulainen 5.-7.7.2013

Old Fair in Rovaniemi 16.-18.8.2013, and photos taken at home.

Old Fair in Rovaniemi 15.-17.8.2014

Also in the photo are Jouni Kuukasjärvi and his son and a journeyman. The main host of Wanhat Markkinat, Vele Varjo, is pictured in photo number 26.

Waltakunnalliset Weteraanikonepäivät in Oulainen 3-5 July 2015

The first photo taken by editor-in-chief Ari Vilminko from Jokilaaksojen Seutumajakka.

In the group picture (picture 4) from left to right starting from the top: Jorma Putkonen, Harri Grekula, Aulis Aho, Lauri Jussila, Harri Anttila, master blacksmith Risto Tavasti, Reijo Grekula, Pekka Mulari, the one who heats up the sauna Pekka Pirinen, and an Irish blacksmith Seremy Stanley. In front little learners, the children of Grekula, and Niiles Anttila.

Event Sahanperän Savotta in Rovaniemi, in the yard of Pilke and Arktikum 13th September 2015

Making the stand for the piece of art and installing the work in the park of Arktikum in Rovaniemi 1st October 2015

Artist blacksmith Risto Immonen as a helping hand. The artwork is called 'Ikuinen liekki' (=eternal flame).

The Finnish Construction Trade Union's summer event at Tampere 11-12 June 2016. An exhibition at Finlayson's Finnish Labour Museum Werstas.

Pictured in the photos are artists Keijo Kulmala, Hannu Sillanaukee and Erkki Kallio. You can also see their work.

Wanha Woima Weteraanikonepäivät in Oulainen 8-10 July 2016

Old Fair in Rovaniemi 19-21 August 2016

Event Sahanperän Savotta in Rovaniemi, in the yard of Pilke and Arktikum 11th September 2016

Blacksmith splits a hair into eight parts at Weteraanikonepäivät 2015. Video by Petukan Paparazzi.

Harri forging at the Old Fair in Rovaniemi 16.8.2014. Video filmed by Ismo Piispanen.

Harri forging at Rovaniemiviikot 7.9.2014 near Arktikum and Pilke. Video filmed by Johanna Anttila.