Welcome to the website of Knifesmith Harri Anttila!

23th of May 2017 - Added new photos and text in profile, events and gallery sections

Added a photo of the family's champion dog to the profile section and photos from events to the event section. Additionally, new knife photos can be seen in the gallery.

8th July 2016 - Upcoming events in the summer and autumn of 2016 where Harri is forging knives

24th Waltakunnalliset Weteraanikonepäivät in Oulainen 9th-10th of July, 2016.

Wanhat Markkinat in Rovaniemi 19th-21st August, 2016.

Sahanperä Savotta, to end the Rovaniemi Week, in the yard area of Pilke and Arktikum, on the 11th of September 2016.

10.6.2016 - New pictures added

New knife pictures added into the photo gallery.

14.3.2016 - An upcoming event next summer in Tampere

Harri is presenting his knives in the summer event of the Finnish Construction Trade Union 11th-12th June 2016 in Tampere, in the builders' art exhibition in the Galleria Bertel of museum Werstas.

14.3.2016 - New event photos added to the event section

Photos added of the Sahanperän Savotta event in Rovaniemi, and making of an artwork's stand and installation.

14.3.2016 - New photos added to the photo gallery

New photos of knives have been added to the photo gallery.

28.2.2016 - The site is now also available in English

The site has been translated into English. Russian will also be available in the future.

28.2.2016 - The site has been updated to suit mobile devices

The site now works better on mobile devices.

28.2.2016 - New photos and a video added

Photos and a video of hair splitting from the Weteraanikonepäivät event in the summer of 2015 have now been added to the Events section.